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Beauty and Innovation

While the astounding beauty of the Coal Harbour waterfront neighbourhood is evident and explains why it has proven the neighbourhood of choice for so many citizens of the world, Joy and I have wondered whether a larger homegrown contingent of Coal Harbour dwellers will ultimately inhabit these waterfront condos on a more permanent basis.  As we watch the emerging trends developing in this "new economy" we have a strong conviction that Vancouver will be home to many of the planet's leading innovators, whose wealth will be measured not only by their net dollar worth, but by their contributions to an economy of real wealth-- ABUNDANCE widely shared.

The following article from the Vancouver Sun offers a few promising notes on homefront contributions to a world economy:


". . . some good news on the innovation front. British Columbia is home to a disproportionate number of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies and boasts the country’s most dynamic biotechnology, clean technology and new media clusters."